The 7th DPES Exhibition of Zhuhai Huacai in September 2015 ended perfectly

The largest advertising and printing industry event in Southeast Asia-"The 7th DPES Guangzhou (Autumn) Advertising Standard Exhibition" was held from September 9, 2015 to September 11, 2015 in the Poly World Trade Center, Guangzhou, for three The day ended successfully. As a professional ink manufacturer, Zhuhai Huacai has brought the company's advantages to the exhibition. Its main products are led-uv, heat transfer printing, weak solvent advertising, weak solvent leather and other inks. This exhibition should be professional and Huacai has been doing quality and reputation, attracting many new and old customers to visit, consult and understand the products. In this exhibition, there are also colorful new products weak solvent white ink, which opened a new field of leather market and solved the printing problems of many customers on dark leather. At the exhibition, our weak solvent leather ink and weak solvent white ink cooperated with customers' machines to display the printing effect on the spot, attracting many customers to visit, and a large number of customers placed orders to take samples on site. The recognition and satisfaction of new products by the market is the greatest encouragement and support for the R & D strength and quality of our manufacturers.   As a professional ink manufacturer, Zhuhai Huacai is constantly seeking breakthrough and innovation. With its strong R & D force and team strength, Zhuhai Huacai sincerely serves every customer! Work with you to create the future hand in hand!





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