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Pioneering and innovating, meeting challenges, riding the wind and waves, and overcoming obstacles-remember that Zhuhai Huacai Company held the 2019 departmental organization performance signing ceremony

In order to comprehensively promote and implement the completion of all tasks and objectives of Zhuhai Huacai Company in 2019, at 14:00 on February 28th, the company held a signing ceremony for the 2019 departmental organization performance contract. Company leaders, department managers and company team leaders and above The key members attended the signing ceremony meeting. The Personnel Administration Department first introduced the "Implementation Measures for the Performance Appraisal of Zhuhai Huacai Company in 2019" and the procedures and requirements of the BSC organization performance contract bookmarking ceremony of each department, and publicized and implemented the main spirit of the Zhuhai Huacai Company's 2019 Organizational Performance Appraisal Measures, and Interpret the "Departmental BSC Organizational Performance Appraisal Contract". In 2019, the organization performance appraisal will adopt the BSC appraisal model: that is, a comprehensive quantitative appraisal commitment from the four dimensions of finance, customers, internal processes, and learning and growth, while effectively combining the number of safety incidents, professional ethics, environmental protection incidents, major quality incidents, Negative assessment indicators have been set in areas such as zero complaints from major customers. The organizational performance evaluation cycle is quarterly. Subsequently, the person in charge of each department of the company signed the 2019 departmental organization performance contract with Chairman Lin Ziqiang in the order of signing, and all the participants took a group photo together. After the signing ceremony, Lin Dong gave a concluding speech, briefly reviewed and summarized the company's completion of various goals and tasks in 2018 and the difficulties encountered, and analyzed the opportunities and challenges faced by the company in 2019. He also pointed out that although the company has begun to enter a healthy development in 2019, the external situation is still severe, and the opportunities still outweigh the challenges. Therefore, all departments and all employees of the company must attach great importance to the new organizational performance management work. As the basis for improving and upgrading the company's management work, it also improves the comprehensive management level of managers at all levels to achieve the best benefits for the company through management upgrades. Lin Dong put forward several requirements for everyone: First, it is necessary to strengthen compliance and effective management, effectively improve the management level, find problems in time and solve them quickly; second, enhance the awareness of energy saving and emission reduction of all employees and actively contribute ideas and suggestions to form The company is working together and grasping the good situation of co-management; the third is to reduce costs and increase efficiency, increase revenue and reduce expenditures, and strive to reduce costs through all-round, whole process, and everyone's participation; fourth, focus on quality improvement and The pre-certification work will implement quality first, and continuously improve the company's product quality and overall quality system level; fifth, continue to increase the transformation and innovation of scientific research results, and continue to ensure that the established R&D goals in 2019 are completed Seek innovation and breakthroughs, and strive to adapt to the needs of the market; six is ​​the new organizational performance evaluation model, strengthen the management and quantitative evaluation of key tasks, strengthen the evaluation of middle-level and above management personnel, and each department must strengthen the staff of the department Process performance appraisal, linking the appraisal results with performance compensation, personnel promotion, elimination mechanism, etc., to strengthen the timeliness of performance appraisal management, so that things can be done today. It is believed that Zhuhai Huacai Company will be united in 2019 to overcome difficulties and successfully complete the tasks for the whole year.

"Overcome obstacles, ride the wind and waves, meet challenges, and open up the future" Zhuhai Huacai 2019 Company Annual Meeting and Appreciation Dinner

On January 19, 2019, in order to enhance the internal cohesion of the company, deepen employees’ sense of identity with Huacai Company, enhance the awareness of communication, exchanges and teamwork among employees, and comprehensively enhance the company’s comprehensive competitiveness, Zhuhai Huacai New Material Technology Co., Ltd. held the 2019 Annual Meeting and Appreciation Dinner at the Home Xiang Hotel. Tonight, all of our Huacai people gather together and share a happy moment.   In 2018, the new year has arrived as scheduled. At this moment, we are both gratified and proud. Looking back at the past year, we have both hardships and gains. Standing at the beginning of the year, we look at ourselves and plan for the future, with different pressures and different expectations. On the occasion of leaving the old and welcoming the new, Huacai Company would like to extend New Year’s greetings and best wishes to all employees, and sincere thanks and New Year’s blessings to all families of Huacai employees! At 18:00, the 2019 Annual Meeting and Appreciation Dinner of Huacai Company kicked off with the sound of festive and peaceful music. The chairman of the company, Mr. Lin Ziqiang, made a comprehensive summary of the past year and highly recognized the achievements of China Lottery in 2018. At the same time, he put forward new requirements for the development of 2019 and clarified the goals and strategic guidelines. "Fear not to be afraid of the hard way, bow down and be willing to be oxen", there is such a group of unknown farmers, who are conscientious and diligent in their respective positions to achieve the ultimate in their work. They are willing to share joys and sorrows with the company. Although they have not made great achievements, they shine in ordinary positions. They are examples for us to learn from and give us motivation to work. In order to encourage more people to pour into the team of role models, the company grandly awards outstanding staff awards and calls on all Huacai employees to learn from them! They are manufacturing center Tan Liyan and Mao Guanqiang; technical center Zhang Shaowu and Wu Tanghe; marketing center Yao Cui , Li Shuxia, Logistics Center. At 19:00, the most "exciting lottery session" is grandly launched. Our prizes are quite rich, including famous brand watches, practical household appliances and household goods, etc. There are many prizes. When the little yellow ball in the lottery box flips up and down , Everyone’s heartbeat speeds up. Every employee is full of joy and excitement. The harmonious and warm atmosphere brought the colleagues' hearts closer to each other. The company leaders and employees interacted with each other with affection, and laughter, applause, and cheers kept rippling in the venue. The climax of the entire annual meeting was repeated. The 20:00 dinner ends in a happy and harmonious atmosphere. Looking back on 2018, we are full of pride; looking forward to 2019, we have a heavy responsibility on our shoulders. In the new year, the company will reform and innovate in an all-round way. We are full of the determination that soldiers will win. We dare to provoke the burden of Taishan. We will work hard together and innovate for a win-win situation. Time flies, welcoming the Spring Festival, the happiness of the old year has been completed, the glory of the new year is waiting for us to create; the cause of Huacai is waiting for us to join hands. Overcome thorns, ride the wind and waves, meet challenges, and open up the future; the right time, place, and people are available. When the wind comes, we are in the wind. Let us move forward together and fly with the wind! Let us bring our dreams and stand at a new starting point Let's set sail with Huacai!

Zhuhai Huacai Outdoor Development Training in August 2015

In August, the sun was shining brightly. In order to enhance communication between departments, enhance team cohesion and combat effectiveness, and enhance team collaboration capabilities, on August 8, the Huacai marketing, R&D, and quality assurance departments carried out a one-day outdoor development training. The goal of expansion is to exercise everyone's leadership, sense of responsibility, self-worth and the transmission of persistence and perseverance. In the morning, everyone started today's road of expansion with great excitement. The singing voice floated along the way, and the sonorous and powerful singing showed the vigor and vitality of our colorful. After climbing a hill to warm up, I finally started today's activity. Icebreaking, team grouping, eyebrow circle, etc. Through these few activities, we realized that talent is like an umbrella. It is only useful if you open it up. We must seize the opportunity to show our talents and give full play to our strengths in the team. Only when the team is strong can we be stronger.   Next is the high-altitude horizontal bar. When the horizontal bar is swaying in front of us, standing on the platform, bravely jumping out, just a few minutes or even a few seconds is a challenge for everyone. Jumping out is not terrible, no matter whether you can catch it or not, there is no danger. As long as everyone works hard to catch and dared to jump out, it is victory. Through a series of activities, let us establish the team spirit and overall consciousness of mutual cooperation and mutual support in our future work. Although many of our weaknesses were exposed when completing the game: we were blindly moved and sloppy at the beginning, ignoring the collective strength, and without a clear purpose of action and no feasible work plan, we started to act, which made it even better. The tasks that are easily and reasonably completed are half the effort, and the effort is useless. However, through this expansion training, everyone's self-confidence has been strengthened, the perseverance to overcome difficulties has been honed, the ability to solve problems has been improved, and the awareness of collective participation and responsibility has been enhanced. . It also made us understand that we are a team, and each of us is a member of the team. Although there is only one day, I think this experience will definitely help you a lot in your future work.

Reasons and methods of poor curing effect of uv printer ink

Some industry personnel often encounter the phenomenon of incomplete curing of UV ink and sticky surface during the printing and production process of uv printers, which results in unsatisfactory printing results. How is this phenomenon caused? How to solve this phenomenon so as to ensure the print quality, here is a small series of information for everyone to share. UV curing light source power is not enough There are three elements of uv printer uv light curing: 1. Spectrum, that is, whether the light emitted by the light source such as UV lamp is consistent with the absorption spectrum of the cured product. 2. Intensity, that is, whether the light emitted by the light source is sufficient to cause a photochemical reaction of the cured product. Due to the performance and dosage of the sensitizer inside the cured product (UV coating, ink, glue), the light transmittance of the main agent and the amount of agent , Sensibility is also different, so the curing strength requirements are different. 3. Curing speed. Too fast the curing speed can not complete the curing, and too slow will have an adverse effect on the cured product. Such as pattern cracking, poor adhesion, etc. The curing speed varies with different cured products. The fast printing speed of the Uv printer is also the cause of the incomplete curing of the UV ink and the sticky surface. At this time, the printing speed can be reduced or the light source power can be increased. UV curing lamp aging UV lamp tube mainly refers to the lamp tube that can emit ultraviolet light. When it emits light, it is accompanied by high heat, because it not only excites ultraviolet light, but also accompanied by infrared emission. The wavelength of light is concentrated at about 365mm. The proportion of infrared rays depends on different quality. The content of the lamp tube is different. Normal domestic UV lamps have about 30% longer ultraviolet rays, while imported UV lamps have 40-50% content. At the same time, they have low heat generation and long service life, up to 2000 hours, while domestic UV lamps only have 1000 hours. about. With the use of the lamp, the electrode gradually decomposes, and the inner wall of the lamp is deposited, and the transparency and the transmittance of ultraviolet light are gradually weakened. Therefore, the lamp of the uv printer should be tested regularly and the lamp should be replaced in time. UV ink itself has slow curing speed Photo-curing refers to a certain photochemical reaction of UV ink or UV coating under the effective irradiation of ultraviolet rays, so that the cured product becomes liquid and cured to form a pattern. This process can add a photo-curing accelerator to reduce the printing speed or find ink The supplier resolves.

Nozzle classification: nozzle knowledge you should know about printing

Seiko SPT nozzle series Produced by the Seiko Electronics Group of Japan, Seiko was first known all over the world for the production of precision clocks. Now it has considerable strength and foundation in the production of cartridge piezoelectric nozzles, and its stability is just like its Seiko watches. The same quality is superb. SPT nozzles are finally designed by combining the performance advantages of all previous nozzles. While focusing on the previous advantages, they are also mainly reflected in: a. The main performance is the all-stainless steel design, with super durability, and there are 510 pipes for each nozzle. b. Nozzle voltage can change with temperature, so it can be troubled by other nozzles due to temperature and other external factors. c. The data port of the print head can adapt to different printing software, and the print density is more dependent than the previous print head? d. It can be produced in multiple modes. The ink dot particles are 35PL and 12PL, the highest standard precision is 720DPI and 1440DPI, and the color saturation is impeccable. e. The print width of the print head is 75mm, which is 4 times that of the ordinary print head, and can output quickly. f. It has a wide range of applications and is currently used in industrial and commercial printing. g. The cost is low and it tends to be popular. At present, the brands that mainly use Japanese Seiko SPT nozzles are: Feiteng, Xtreme, Jinghui, Gongzheng, etc. Japan Konica nozzle series Konica sprinklers are a newly promoted Japanese brand. Its company first focused on imaging and just stepped into the production of piezoelectric sprinklers. It has also been successful in hardware facilities, but it has too much publicity on domestic agents. Among them, KonicaMinolta 512 print head, according to scientific calculation, its ink dot size is only 56/28PL, and its accuracy is about 720DPI. However, its publicity as 42/14PL has caused many consumers to misunderstand. In addition, its ink is not provided by professional manufacturers. Supervision on the production line is not very strict. Among them, the only successful inkjet printer using Konica nozzles is Yasseran, but due to the brand effect, the price remains high in the industry, and there is no certain flexibility in after-sales service. At present, the brands that mainly use Japanese Konica nozzles are: Yaselan, Aowei, Cheetah, West, Mejet, Blueprint, etc. British XAAR (Xaar) nozzle series The main nozzles produced by XAAR are XAAR128, XAAR500, XAAR126 and XAAR382, XAAR600 and other models. Among them, 126 and 128 nozzles were one of the most widely used nozzles in China in the early days. At present, the 382 (proton nozzles) and 600 nozzles are mainly used. At present, the brands that mainly use the British XAAR (Xaar) nozzles are: Cyber, Liyu, Mejet, etc. American Spectra nozzle series Spectra first produced thermal foaming nozzles for office printing, but eventually gave up due to the emergence of HP and switched to the development of industrial piezoelectric nozzles. At present, it has achieved considerable success in this market. Its print head is characterized by small ink droplets (high corresponding accuracy), very high ejection frequency (fast speed), and is not very picky about ink. Wittur is the first brand to adopt Spectra print heads and is also the most popular in the global market. For the well-received inkjet printers, Spectra’s problem is that the price of the print heads is too high. Although Wittur has sold hundreds of units in China, several domestic inkjet printers using Spectra print head manufacturers have not yet become mainstream products and are mainly exported. It is a compact and lightweight container nozzle with stainless steel packaging. All components can be moved quickly. It is suitable for printers with superior performance. The main models are SpectraSl-128 and Spectra Nova/80LQ. Among them, 128 series nozzles have many similarities with XAAR128+ nozzles in terms of stable performance and usability. However, before the successful development of domestic inkjet printers for the Nova256 series, this type of nozzles were basically used exclusively by the inkjet printer manufacturer-Witt Company. From the perspective of the internal structure of the print head, the XAAR print head uses Teflon material in the part where the print head directly contacts the ink, and the Spectra print head uses a steel structure. The ink has a certain corrosion ability. Due to the steel structure of the Spectra nozzle, the corrosion resistance of the nozzle to the ink is greatly improved; the ink is pressed out of the nozzle, and the strong pressure easily deforms the diameter of the nozzle. The steel structure of the Spectra nozzle is better than the XAAR nozzle Teflon The inner coating of the material is more pressure resistant. Therefore, Spectra nozzles have a longer service life than XAAR nozzles, which has changed the view that nozzles

Professional version of thermal transfer ink-new listing!

In view of the insufficient blackness of thermal transfer ink generally reported in the market, after a comprehensive comparison of excellent thermal transfer products from Italy, South Korea and other foreign countries, after a one-year development process, our company has recently launched a professional version of thermal transfer ink. CC-K4072M, the blackness completely surpasses similar products in Korea, and has a very high cost-effective advantage. *Output model: MUTOH 900C * Transfer medium: polyester cotton cloth *The comparison chart is as follows: From left to right: South Korea, a domestic factory, Huacai Professional Edition
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