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Can be used on flexible and hard materials, K/C/M/Y/W/GO -high adhesion -coating-free -convenient and quick
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Epson flexible UV ink
UV Epson flexible ink: Nanoparticle size; No clogging; solvent free solution; Green Environmental Health; good functional; bright color, Wide Color Gamut ; Strong picture color representation.
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EPSON hard UV ink
Nanoparticle size, no clogging; solvent free solution, green environmental health; low viscosity, effective extension of nozzle life; excellent adhesion; bright color, wide color gamut, image color reduction; Special white ink, never yellow.
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Industrial hard UV ink
High adhesion decorative ink: Industrial hard ink with high hardness, good adhesion, good dry-wet rubbing fastness, low odor after printing.
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Industrial flexible UV ink
UV INK FOR HIGH-SPEED PRINTING of AD: In view of the current market requirements of high-speed Printing and development of industrial head flexible ink, excellent fluency, low odor, excellent tensile performance, ink by high-low temperature test stability.
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