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Film transfer ink

Film transfer ink: printing color and white paint ink on the hot stamping film, combined with dusting supporting technology, to realize the production of textile digital hot stamping, simple technology, free from hollowing out and waste discharge.
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1. It is easy to print and operate.

2. It is resistant to washing, scratching, folding and stretching.

3. Wide color gamut, excellent color expression and sharp image.

4. High performance pigment paste can resist the influence of UV light, prevent color fading, and have good outdoor performance.

5. The water-based system is environment-friendly and safe, and all the water-based environment-friendly solvents are used, with almost no obvious smell.

6. Compared with traditional printing and dyeing, there is no waste water in the whole process, which is green and environmental friendly.

DTF INK hot stamping and process flow:

Printing color and white pigment ink on the film, combined with dusting matching technology, realizes the production of textile digital hot stamping. The technology is simple, free from hollowing out and waste discharge. The equipment mainly includes digital printer, duster and press ironing machine. The overall scheme has low investment threshold, flexible control of inventory and low cost.


Product application:

Pigment digital printing industry;
Suitable for all types of Epson nozzles (DX5 / 5113 / 4720, etc.).


Applicable materials:

pure cotton or cotton spinning materials.



1. The temperature range of film transfer is 150-180 ℃. Please adjust the appropriate hot pressing temperature and make plate matching before formal batch transfer.
2. After the ink is put on the machine, please keep the ink path full of ink. It is strictly forbidden to use the ink without any ink to prevent the occurrence of dry end.
3. The ink is high-performance dispersive ink, and the effect of shaking is better before use;
4. Please store unopened ink in a cool, dry and dark environment.
5. Please use it within the warranty period, and it can still be used after passing the test.

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