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Epson flexible UV ink

UV Epson flexible ink: Nanoparticle size; No clogging; solvent free solution; Green Environmental Health; good functional; bright color, Wide Color Gamut ; Strong picture color representation.
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1. 100% pure UV light curable ink, zero VOC emission during inkjet printing process, green and healthy;

2. Nanometer particle size, D50 is about 100nm, will never block the nozzle;

3. Low viscosity, effectively extending the service life of the nozzle;

4. All imported high-grade pigments make the printed products have good waterproof, light fastness and weather resistance;

5. Bright colors, wide color gamut, and strong image color reproduction;

6. Adopting special formula design, fast curing speed, low curing energy, super adhesion, meeting the needs of high-speed printing;

7. Super white ink, never yellow;

8. The storage stability is good. The color ink can be sealed and stored at room temperature for up to 1 year, and the white ink can be used for half a year.

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