Zhuhai Huacai New Materials Technology Co.,Ltd.
Zhuhai Huacai New Materials Technology Co.,Ltd.
Zhuhai Huacai New Materials Technology Co.,Ltd.
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Company Profile

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Zhuhai Huacai New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

        ZhuHai HuaCai New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. established in     2008 rated as "Guangdong High-Tech Enterprises", focused on inkjet     printing ink research & development, prodution and sales.

        We have mature prodution technology and strong R&D strength of new products.   We estabilished a strict set of comprehensive management system from procurement of raw  materials , prodution processes and new project development, marketing management and after-sales           service in areas. Now HUACAI produts include: LED-UV Ink,  Sublimation  Ink, Textile Ink,Eco-solvent Pigment Ink,Eco-solvent Dye Ink,Water-Based Pigment Ink, etc., suitable for these printers EPSON, KONICA, RICOH with different printheads..

        We insist on the operation principle "Practicality,Dedication,Win-win cooperation" ,   providing the solutions of inkjet on all media for global market and try to be the first choice of ink service providers.  So, sincerely,   welcome to contact us and make "Chinese Color, Beauty World" come ture.

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