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Nozzle classification: nozzle knowledge you should know about printing

Seiko SPT nozzle series Produced by the Seiko Electronics Group of Japan, Seiko was first known all over the world for the production of precision clocks. Now it has considerable strength and foundation in the production of cartridge piezoelectric nozzles, and its stability is just like its Seiko watches. The same quality is superb. SPT nozzles are finally designed by combining the performance advantages of all previous nozzles. While focusing on the previous advantages, they are also mainly reflected in: a. The main performance is the all-stainless steel design, with super durability, and there are 510 pipes for each nozzle. b. Nozzle voltage can change with temperature, so it can be troubled by other nozzles due to temperature and other external factors. c. The data port of the print head can adapt to different printing software, and the print density is more dependent than the previous print head? d. It can be produced in multiple modes. The ink dot particles are 35PL and 12PL, the highest standard precision is 720DPI and 1440DPI, and the color saturation is impeccable. e. The print width of the print head is 75mm, which is 4 times that of the ordinary print head, and can output quickly. f. It has a wide range of applications and is currently used in industrial and commercial printing. g. The cost is low and it tends to be popular. At present, the brands that mainly use Japanese Seiko SPT nozzles are: Feiteng, Xtreme, Jinghui, Gongzheng, etc. Japan Konica nozzle series Konica sprinklers are a newly promoted Japanese brand. Its company first focused on imaging and just stepped into the production of piezoelectric sprinklers. It has also been successful in hardware facilities, but it has too much publicity on domestic agents. Among them, KonicaMinolta 512 print head, according to scientific calculation, its ink dot size is only 56/28PL, and its accuracy is about 720DPI. However, its publicity as 42/14PL has caused many consumers to misunderstand. In addition, its ink is not provided by professional manufacturers. Supervision on the production line is not very strict. Among them, the only successful inkjet printer using Konica nozzles is Yasseran, but due to the brand effect, the price remains high in the industry, and there is no certain flexibility in after-sales service. At present, the brands that mainly use Japanese Konica nozzles are: Yaselan, Aowei, Cheetah, West, Mejet, Blueprint, etc. British XAAR (Xaar) nozzle series The main nozzles produced by XAAR are XAAR128, XAAR500, XAAR126 and XAAR382, XAAR600 and other models. Among them, the 126 and 128 nozzles were one of the most widely used nozzles in China in the early days. At present, the 382 (proton nozzles) and 600 nozzles are mainly used. At present, the brands that mainly use British XAAR nozzles are: Cyber, Liyu, Mejet, etc. American Spectra nozzle series Spectra first produced thermal foaming nozzles for office printing, but eventually gave up due to the emergence of HP and switched to the development of industrial piezoelectric nozzles. At present, it has achieved considerable success in this market. Its print head is characterized by small ink droplets (high corresponding accuracy), very high ejection frequency (fast speed), and is not very picky about ink. Wittur is the first brand to adopt Spectra print heads and is also the most popular in the global market. For the well-received inkjet printers, Spectra’s problem is that the price of the print heads is too high. Although Wittur has sold hundreds of units in China, several domestic inkjet printers using Spectra print head manufacturers have not yet become mainstream products and are mainly exported. It is a compact and lightweight container nozzle with stainless steel packaging. All components can be moved quickly. It is suitable for printers with superior performance. The main models are SpectraSl-128 and Spectra Nova/80LQ. Among them, 128 series nozzles have many similarities with XAAR128+ nozzles in terms of stable performance and usability. However, before the successful development of domestic inkjet printers for the Nova256 series, this type of nozzles were basically used exclusively by the inkjet printer manufacturer-Witt Company. From the perspective of the internal structure of the print head, the XAAR print head uses Teflon material in the part where the print head directly contacts the ink, and the Spectra print head uses a steel structure. The ink has a certain corrosion ability. Due to the steel structure of the Spectra nozzle, the corrosion resistance of the nozzle to the ink is greatly improved; the ink is pressed out of the nozzle, and the strong pressure easily deforms the diameter of the nozzle. The steel structure of the Spectra nozzle is better than the XAAR nozzle Teflon The inner coating of the material is more pressure resistant. Therefore, Spectra nozzles have a longer service life than XAAR nozzles, which has changed the view that nozzles are con